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    • Mekjavić I., Jaki P., Gorjanc J., Vpliv hipoksije na vedenjsko termoregulacijo - poročilo z odprave Si.mobil Ski Everest 2000 = The effect of hypoxia on behavioural temperature regulation - report from the Si.mobil Ski Everest 2000 expedition, Medicinski razgledi, junij/september 2002, 41, 2, str. 219-223. [More]
    • Zech P., Haller S., Rezapour Lakani S., Ridge B., Ugur E., Piater J., Computational models of affordance in robotics : a taxonomy and systematic classification, Adaptive behavior, 2017, 25, 5, str. 235-271. [More] [PDF]
    • Nemec B., Likar N., Gams A., Ude A., Human robot cooperation with compliance adaptation along the motion trajectory, Autonomous robots, 2017, 13 str.. [More]
    • Kramberger A., Gams A., Nemec B., Chrysostomou D., Madsen O., Ude A., Generalization of orientation trajectories and force-torque profiles for robotic assembly, Robotics and autonomous systems, 2017, 98, str. 333-346. [More]
    • Deniša M., Gams A., Ude A., Petrič T., Learning compliant movement primitives through demonstration and statistical generalization, IEEE/ASME transactions on mechatronics, 2016, 21, 5, str. 2581-2594. [More]
    • Gams A., Petrič T., Do M., Nemec B., Morimoto J., Asfour T., Ude A., Adaptation and coaching of periodic motion primitives through physical and visual interaction, Robotics and autonomous systems, 2016, 75, str. 340-351. [More]
    • Keramidas M., Kölegård R., Mekjavić I., Eiken O., PlanHab : hypoxia exaggerates the bed-rest-induced reduction in peak oxygen uptake during upright cycle ergometry, American journal of physiology, heart and circulatory physiology, 2016, 311, 2, str. H453-H464. [More]
    • Debevec T., Simpson E., Mekjavić I., Eiken O., Macdonald I., Effects of prolonged hypoxia and bed rest on appetite and appetite-related hormones, Appetite, 2016, 107, str. 28-37. [More]
    • Rittweger J., Debevec T., Macdonald I., Mekjavić I., On the combined effects of normobaric hypoxia and bed rest upon bone and mineral metabolism : results from the PlanHab study, Bone, 2016, 91, str. 130-138. [More]
    • Mekjavić I., Amon M., Kölegård R., Kounalakis S., Simpson L., Eiken O., Keramidas M., Macdonald I., The effect of normobaric hypoxic confinementon metabolism, gut hormones, and body composition : promised and limitations, Frontiers in physiology, 2016, 7, str. 202-1-202-13. [More]