Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics

Robert Bevec

Title: Bachelor of El. Eng.
Role: PhD Student
E-mail: robert.bevec [at]


2002 - 2006
Vic High school, Ljubljana
Golden graduate
2006 - 2011
graduate at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Section: Process Automation
average grade of 8.7, Zois scholarship
2009 - 2010
selected for study at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) through private scholarship fund Otto Likar, where I successfully completed the entire semester of study in German
U.S. visit Stanford University and the surrounding businesses, where we were presented the way they work (Google, Facebook, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Foxit, Mozilla, SLAC)
Enrolled in PhD program at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Finished Coursera Stanford Machine Learning class

2004-2005, electric installation works at EIB, Ljubljana
2005-2009, coached tennis at Benč Sport Club, Ljubljana
2008, work in the development department Elba Novo mesto d.o.o.
2010, work in the commercial section of Elba Novo mesto d.o.o.
2011, work in development at Optacore d.o.o. (system regulation and machine vision systems)
2011, full time job at the Jožef Stefan Institute as a researcher in robotics

Foreign languages
excellent knowledge of English
fluency in German language (Zertifikat Deutsch B1)
beginner in Spanish language

Technical skills
Mastered the technical program for 3D drawing Autodesk Inventor and programming, modeling and simulation in Matlab, some experience in management of enterprise networks (Windows Server 2008 R2). I have programmed in C, C++ where I am very familiar with the functions for distributed computation, I am also familiar with programming languages: Java, C#. I have experience using Visual Studio, where I helped develop SCADA software and worked on writing algorithms for machine vision.

At college we had a strong emphasis on regulation and control systems, where I was acquainted with many methods for effective system management and identification. Currently my research focuses mostly on recognizing objects with vision, learning methods and robot control.

Personal characteristics
Hardworking, ambitious, reliable and honest



Intellact (Intelligent observation and execution of Actions and manipulations)

Selected publications


  • Bevec R., Ude A., Building object models through interactive perception and foveated vision, Advanced robotics, 2015, 29, 9, str. 611-623. [More]


  • Bevec R., Ude A., Pushing and grasping for autonomous learning of object models with foveated vision, The 17th International Conference on Advanced Robotics, 27-31 July 2015, Istanbul, Turkey, ICAR 2015, 2015, 7 str.. [More]
  • Bevec R., Ude A., Object learning through interactive manipulation and foveated vision, IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, October 15 -17, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, HUMANOIDS 2013, 2013, str. 234-239. [More]
  • Bevec R., Ude A., The acquisition of visual representation for object recognition by autonomous pushing, 21th International Workshop on Robotics in Alpe-Adria-Danube Region, 10-13 September 2012, Naples, Italy, RAAD 2012, 2012, str. 156-161. [More]