Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics

Jernej Čamernik

Role: PhD Student
E-mail: jernej.camernik [at]


After completing high school, my interest in sports biomechanics and human movement in general, lead me to the University of Ljubljana, Facuty of Sport where I graduated in 2007 with a thesis titled “Comparison of kinematic parameters of the sprint start and block acceleration”. First years after graduation I worked at Biomechanics lab at the Institute of Sport - Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana. As a lab assistant I was conducting and analyzing results of biomechanical and physiological studies mostly carried out on top Slovenian athletes. In February 2014 I joined the team of Jan Babič at the Jozef Stefan Institute - Department of Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics in Ljubljana. During the last three years I was mainly involved in the EU project CoDyCo (Whole-body Compliant Dynamical Contacts in Cognitive Humanoids) and since this year in an EU project An.Dy (Advancing Anticipatory Behaviors in Dyadic Human-Robot Collaboration). In the CoDyCo project, I was conducting human behavior experiments, focused on human balance in a balance challenging conditions. My main reserch interest is in human motor control of movement, especially balance control and motor adaptations to dynamically changing environment.

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Selected publications


  • Rueckert E., Čamernik J., Peters J., Babič J., Probabilistic movement models show that postural control precedes and predicts volitional motor control, Scientific reports, 2016, 6, str. 28455-1- 28455-12. [More]
  • Čamernik J., Potočanac Z., Peternel L., Babič J., Holding a handle for balance during continuous postural perturbations : immediate and transitionary effects on whole body posture, Frontiers in human neuroscience, 2016, 10, str. 486-1-486-8. [More]


  • Čamernik J., Peternel L., Babič J., Role of hand contact in continually challenged postural equilibrium, ISPGR World Congress : program, 2015, str. 78. [More]
  • Čamernik J., Peternel L., Babič J., Čamernik J., Role of hand contact in continually challenged postural equilibrium, Zbornik triindvajsete mednarodne Elektrotehniške in računalniške konference ERK 2014, 22. - 24. september 2014, Portorož, Slovenija, 2014, str. 150-154. [More]