Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics

EUROShoE (Automation of finishing operations in shoe assembly)

Project duration: 2001 - 2004
Project area: Automation and Intelligent Control of Robots
Project type: Research
Project funding: EU
Project leader: Bojan Nemec
Ladislav Lenart
Borut Lenart
Bogomir Vrhovec
Janez Zalar
Leon Žlajpah


The goal of the project was automation of finishing operations in shoe assembly using the industrial robot.

Project description

The project Automation of finishing operations in shoe production was a part of FP4 EU project EUROShOE (2001-2004).

Finishing operations in shoe manufacturing process comprises operations such as application of polishing wax, polishing cream and spray solvents, and brushing in order to achieve high gloss. These operations require skilled worker and are generally difficult to automate due to the complex motion trajectories. We developed a robotic cell for finishing operations in a custom shoe production plant. Such customization of shoe production should allow production of small batches of shoes of the same type. This requires automatic set up and adaptation of the production line. To meet these requirements, a CAD system for automatic generation, optimization and validation of motion trajectories was integrated into a robotic cell. In automatic trajectory generation some of the major problems are limitations posed by the robot joint limits, robot singularities and environment obstacles. These problems were solved using the kinematic redundancy of the robot manipulator.


Simulation of finishing operation in shoe assembly with trajectory optimization (Sim_h.avi, 8568 kb)
Cell for finishing operation in shoe assembly in Vigevano, Italy (FCVigevano.mpg, 30823 kb)



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