Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics

Xperience (Robots bootstrapped through learning from experience)

Project duration: 2011 - 2015
Project web site
Project area: Laboratory of Humanoid and Cognitive Robotics
Project type: Research
Project funding: EU
Project leader: Aleš Ude
Miha Deniša
Andrej Gams
Bojan Nemec
Barry Ridge
Rok Vuga


The XPERIENCE project will implement a hybrid system, which combines, in a dynamical way, exploration based learning with the generative use of the learned experience employing structural bootstrapping to efficiently enlarge the agent’s cognitive horizon. We will build a complete robotic system for automating introspective, predictive, and interactive understanding of actions and dynamic situations and with the ability to communicate meaningfully.

Project description

Please check the dedicated project webpage.