Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics


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Xperience (Robots bootstrapped through learning from experience)

The XPERIENCE project will implement a hybrid system, which combines, in a dynamical way, exploration based learning with the generative use of the learned experience employing structural bootstrapping to efficiently enlarge the agent’s cognitive horizon. We will build a complete robotic system for automating introspective, predictive, and interactive understanding of actions and dynamic situations and with the ability to communicate meaningfully.


Intellact (Intelligent observation and execution of Actions and manipulations)

IntellAct addresses the problem of understanding and exploiting the meaning (semantics) of manipulations in terms of objects, actions and their consequences for reproducing human actions with machines. IntellAct will provide means to allow for this transfer not by copying movements of the human but by transferring the human action on a semantic level.


Hypoxic and Hyperoxic Exercise