Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics

Humanoid and Cognitive Robotics Laboratory established by ABR


Humanoid and Cognitive Robotics Laboratory (HCR) has been established recently by ABR. It will be headed by dr. Ales Ude.


The main goal of the new lab is the development of robots intended for helping people in their natural environments, such as for example their homes. This requires the development of robotic systems, which can autonomously act in unstructured, human-centered environments. Only robots capable of continuously acquiring new sensorimotor skills and abstract knowledge without expert help are capable of taking such a role. Their design and human-like shape makes humanoid robots especially suitable for such applications, especially because human homes are designed for human needs and humans tend to more easily accept human-like robots.


State of the art robots available today are not capable of autonomously operating and acquiring new knowledge in everyday human environments. Researchers within HCR lab will actively contribute to the development of new methods and technical solutions for such problems in the following areas:

  • Human motion capture and transfer onto robotic mechanisms.
  • Learning by imitation in humanoid robotics.
  • Robotic learning by autonomous exploration (reinforcement learning).
  • Humanoid robot vision.
  • Lifelong robot learning.
  • Classification and interpretation of human actions.
  • Sensorimotor learning and planning.