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Research area: Automation and Intelligent Control of Robots
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Reflexive stability of the skiing robot

The proposed method for maintaining the stability is based on a modified prioritized kinematic control, which allows a smooth and continuous transition between priorities. For the skiing robot, the primary task is the stability, the secondary task is the direction and the third task is the pose of the robot. The proposed algorithm, allows arbitrary joint movements of the skiing robot without any regard for the consequential movement of the stability index, which was determined through the zero-moment-point (ZMP), as long as the selected stability criteria is in a predefined range. On the other hand, it constrains the movement when this criterion approaches a critical condition, i.e. when the stability index approaches the critical values. The transition between the two tasks is smooth and reversible, encapsulated in a single modified prioritised task control equation.


Skiing robot

We designed a special 3 degrees of freedom robot dedicated for skiing using the carving technique.  The robot has a complex sensory and control system that assures stabilization on the ski slope during skiing and tracks a path marked with race gates and avoids obstacles


Robot waiter

The aim of the project is to build a service robot system that should help a human in everyday life.


Tour guide robot

The robot guides visitors in a galery.