Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics

Advanced robot control

Research area: Automation and Intelligent Control of Robots
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Control of periodic robotic task with the use of classical control approaches

We are looking into controlling periodical robotic tasks with the use of classical control approaches.


Combined torque and velocity control of mobile manipulator

In this work we integrate two basic control approaches: velocity and torque control. By that we achieve better performance in controlling mobile manipulator for service robotic tasks.


Two-layered system for movement imitation

The two-layered movement imitation system in the first laer extracts the frequency of the demonstrated movement and in the second layer learns the waveform of the demonstrated signal.


Control of kinematically redundant mechanisms

Control algorithms for kinematically redundant mechanisms, Null-space motion optimization, obstacle avoidance, stability of null-space control algorithms, experiments


Accelerating gyroscopic device called Powerball with a robot

The task requires synchronized movement of the robot and the device. We developed a novel approcah to achieve movement synchronization. We reached and even surpassed human performance.


Control of periodic tasks with the use of the Matsuoka neural oscillator

Matsuoka neural oscillator exhibits stable limit cycle and enstrains to the frequency of the input signal. We used it to control several robotic tasks.


Control of rhythmic tasks with the use of a two-layered system

The two-layered system for control of rhythmic tasks in the first layer extracts the frequency from an arbitrary signal and in the second layer learns and imitates the waveform of the demonstrated signal.


Grasping using ArToolKit library

The project deals with grasping of randomly positioned and oriented objects using a single camera.