Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics

Control of periodic tasks with the use of the Matsuoka neural oscillator

Research activity duration: 2006 - 2007
Research area: Automation and Intelligent Control of Robots
Activity leader: Andrej Gams


Matsuoka neural oscillator exhibits stable limit cycle and enstrains to the frequency of the input signal. We used it to control several robotic tasks.

Activity description

The Matsuoka neural oscillator has stable limit cycle behavior and can entrain to the frequency of the input signal. We perofrmed the task of spinning a rigid pendulum and a hula-hoop. We also implemented superposition of periodic and discrete movement by changing the oscillators parameters. Changing of the oscillator parameters can lead to different behaviors on the same system, for example we can achieve stable swinging of giant-swing by just modifying the time constant of the oscillator.

pendulum_thumb.jpg pendulum_thumb.jpg hula_thumb.jpg
Rigid pedulum swing, 2007.
Rigid pendulum giant-swing, 2007.
Hula-hoop swinging, 2007.
Rythmic and discrete movement, 2007.




  • Gams A., Lahajnar L., Žlajpah L., Lenarčič J., Pendulum swing/giant swing and powerball spinning using neural oscillators, 2007. [More]
  • Gams A., Lahajnar L., Lenarčič J., Žlajpah L., Kombinirano ritmično in aperiodično vodenje nihala z uporabo nevronskih oscilatorjev = Combined rhythmic and discrete pendulum control using neural oscillators, 2007. [More]