Department for Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics

Automation and Intelligent Control of Robots

We actively contribute to the modern robotics research community for more than two decades. Our research includes almost all branches of robotics research, from kinematics and dynamics, control of mechanisms, robotic vision, up to service robotics. We also implement demanding automatization and robotization tasks, which surpass standard and easily applicable solutions. We apply new, innovative, and alternative approaches to the solution.

Environmental Physiology and Ergonomics

In the last years we do active research in the field of environmental physiology. We do research on the effects of environment on humans and testing of special and specialized equipment under normal and special circumstances.

Humanoid and Cognitive Robotics Lab

We are developing robots intended for helping people in their natural environments, such as their homes. This requires the development of robotic systems, which can autonomously act in unstructured, human-centered environments. Only robots capable of continuously acquiring new sensorimotor skills and abstract knowledge without expert help are capable of taking such a role. Their design and human-like shape makes humanoid robots especially suitable for such applications.


15. 7. 2016 New positions available at ABR

Several new positions open at ABR


3. 12. 2015 We acquired a new project in the ARRS public tender

We were granted a project titled "Learning and autonomous adaptation of dual-arm assembly and service tasks", from the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) public tender.


20. 11. 2015 Prof. Ude appeard on Slovenian national TV

Prof. Ude took part in a known tv round-table Polnočni klub (Midnight club)


19. 11. 2015 Post-doc researchers and PhD students' positions open

We invite applications for post-doc researchers and PhD students in the field of control and learning for exoskeletons and assistive robotic devices.